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Sincopharm SA is a Swiss company founded in Moudon in 1989 by Pierre and Christian Aubort, both pharmacists. The will of the founders is then to develop and shape innovative cosmetic formulations adapted to the demands of their customers.
Sincopharm SA is located in a spacious, modern and environmentally friendly Minergie® building.
Sincopharm SA is a member of the Swiss Label association which works for the promotion of Swiss products and services as well as the Swiss Cos association which protects authentic Swiss cosmetic products and provides a guarantee of origin to their customers.
Sincopharm SA is also a member of the Swiss Society of Chemists-Cosmeticians Swiss SCC, which brings together the most influential players in Switzerland in the cosmetics field.
Sincopharm SA is continually expanding and surrounds itself with competent and available employees to always be as close as possible to the founders’ philosophy:

Offer you quality personalized service

Quality Policy

Sincopharm SA’s quality management system follows the requirements of ISO 9001. Sincopharm SA complies with “Good Manufacturing Practices” according to ISO 22716 during all stages of cosmetic production.
The quality system of Sincopharm SA thus makes it possible to work according to validated and reproducible methods with clear and precise objectives.
Sincopharm SA works with qualified and motivated employees, benefiting from continuous training, in an appropriate working environment with modern equipment.
The continuous improvement of the quality system allows to optimize the services to the customers and to guarantee the efficiency and the safety of the activities of Sincopharm SA.
Everything is done to achieve a single goal:

Customer satisfaction


A pledge of its quality and seriousness, Sincopharm works in close collaboration with many partners in the area of Cosmetic Know-How.
COSMESENS® is a new brand of Swiss cosmetic products whose motto is:
Innovation at the heart of your well-being!
Sincopharm developed and manufactures the first two products of the COSMESENS® brand.
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