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Cosmetic Know-How

Sincopharm supports you and provides you with a
“Swiss Made” service for all of your cosmetic projects.


Thanks to its expertise, Sincopharm develops your tailor-made cosmetic products with innovative and exclusive formulations.

Sincopharm develops personalized and exclusive formulas for each of its clients.
Our Research & Development (R&D) department offers cosmetic products in different dosage forms:
Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we offer you quality and ever more innovative formulations.
Key stages in cosmetic development:
Our R&D department provides a real interface between your marketing and scientific expectations.


Sincopharm offers manufacturing of different galenics ranging from sixty to several hundred kilos while respecting “Good Manufacturing Practices” according to ISO 22716.
From your own formulas, or following the development of your products by our R&D department, we offer you the production of different galenics.
We assure you a complete quality and traceability of your productions while respecting the “Good Manufacturing Practices” according to the ISO 22716 standard.
We have several types of equipment that allow us to carry out vacuum manufacturing, ranging from 60 kg to several tons.
All our products are manufactured by trained and competent personnel in a Controlled Atmosphere Zone

Quality Control

Product quality control is carried out by the Sincopharm analysis laboratory.

Sincopharm’s analysis laboratory provides you with its skills and know-how in the physico-chemical quality control of your products (raw materials, pilot products, bulk products and finished products).


Sincopharm advises and assists you in the application and compliance of regulatory data, particularly at European level (Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009).

Sincopharm guarantees a regulatory policy in the field of cosmetics and rigorously ensures:
Sincopharm SA is a member of Cosmed Veille:
Our regulatory watch is therefore ensured in more than 100 countries.
Advice, expertise, assistance on Swiss and European regulations in force:
The regulatory compliance of your cosmetic products is thus fully ensured.


Sincopharm supports you in the choice of your packaging and in the packaging of your products
Thanks to our partnerships with various specialized companies, we guarantee you “Swiss Made” solutions for all your packaging.
In addition, Sincopharm has a packaging machine allowing vacuum filling while ensuring optimal quality of your packaging.
This equipment, located in premises respecting “Good Manufacturing Practices”, prevents the insertion of air into the finished product and thus improves its stability and rendering.
Different kinds of galenics with various viscosities can be packaged with a rate of up to 700 units / hour.
With two hoppers of 20 and 100 kg, this conditioner allows us to perform as well on small as on large series.
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